Welcome to South Africa’s first age play social network!

Our shop will be up and running soon – finally a place where you can buy those adult baby clothes and gear you always dreamt of. Or if you’re an “older” age player you’ll soon be able to order adult school panties and old school PT bloomers in a variety of colors! Fantasy clothing for big boys and girls.

Age play is not about kids, nor are kids welcome here – this is a playground and meeting place for adults reliving and enjoying their childhood.  This is an adult site with a bit of a kink. It’s now quite common place in South Africa with Back to School parties – for consenting adults off course – being held all over. Hey, it’s time for the adult babies to catch up!  Members have access to an events planner to host their own “Time Warp” parties – let’s do the time warp again!

What started out as a purely adult baby site has been around, the domain had been sold and used purely for marketing, resold, and now it’s once again the meeting place for local adult babies, diaper lovers and especially the bigger “school age” age players.

Come join our social network and make the friends you thought you’d never have!  Please consider that this is an exclusively Southern African social network – you need to reside here to join us.

Ageplay Survey

Poops and I had an in depth discussion on the future of this site, our branding, our loyal members, expanding our community and many other great things we’re planning for the near future. It might be a silly thing as … Continue reading

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Reflections on Infantilism

I guess many of you have by now asked the question of what exactly infantilism is – what defines it? Don’t worry – so have I and so have many adult babies! Since last year’s media attention many South African adult … Continue reading